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5 Easy Ways To Avoid Unwanted Wedding Presents

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

Recognize You Are Not Alone - Unwanted Gifts Are A Common Problem For Newlyweds

Are you feeling pressure to add more items to your registry then you need? Do not panic - that is normal, and it is extremely common to receive pressure from your family and friends to add more gifts to your wedding registry than you actually want. Here are some tips to help you navigate exactly that citation:

Add In A Cash Fund To Your Registry And Encourage Guests To Use It

Cash funds are becoming more and more common, especially with guests from the younger generation. Do not be afraid to add a cash fund into your registry. You can tell guests something along the lines of ‘hey, I would really appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon fund so we can go somewhere special!’

Many different registries have the option for cash funds, including Zola, MyRegistry, Honeyfund and of course Registry Perfect.

Use A Flexible Registry Like Registry Perfect

Flexible Registries allow you to receive all presents on your registry as cash, along with a recommendation from a buyer. After a buyer sends you a gift, you can choose to follow through with the purchase whenever is convenient for you or simply keep the cash that the buyer has sent you if you do not end up needing the gift. That means that if you have any unwanted gifts, they can quickly and easily be received as cash instead. No useless store credit to worry about!

A Flexible Registry allows buyers to thoughtfully select a gift out for you without adding on the burden and hassle of having to receive a lot of physical presents. If you are under pressure to have a large registry full of presents, then Registry Perfect will solve your problem quickly and easily.

Simply Try To Return Unwanted Presents

If people insist on bringing gifts, to the point of showing up at your wedding and handing them to you, you can always try and return them. If they have a gift receipt, that is all you need for a store to take them. If they do not, you can still make an attempt to return them, depending on the store. Keep in mind that even when you return gifts, you will get store credit and not cash. If you want to receive cash for your wedding present returns, your best option is to use a Flexible Registry like Registry Perfect and convert unwanted gifts into cash.

If All Else Fails, Re-Gift Them Or Try To Sell Them

If a Flexible Registry doesn’t solve your problem, and you’re unable to get store credit for your gifts, then you can re-gift them or sell them as a last resort. If you are selling them, try eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for the best experience. If you are re-gifting them, pick the right occasion and the right person to re-gift them to.