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5 Tips For When You Need To Add More Gifts To Your Wedding Registry Due To Family

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

We have all found ourselves in this uncomfortable position before. You are a stressed couple trying to plan your wedding. You show your registry to a relative, only to have them tell you something like “I thought there would be more presents on here!”

They will tell you this no matter what. Even if you don’t need more presents, even if you only put things on your registry that you really wanted, it doesn’t matter! The pressure from your family will just keep coming.

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of emotions, decisions, and celebrations. Amidst all the excitement, creating a wedding registry can sometimes become a source of stress, especially when well-meaning family members start exerting their opinions on what should be included. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the situation!

Do Not Stress As This Is A Very Common Issue

It is important to recognize that you are not alone. Weddings can be very stressful and isolating for newlyweds, and that pressure piles up. Family members all have opinions about how it should be done, and that is ok. The internet is full of forums where people are asking for advice about precisely what you are going through. Do not get too worried about what people tell you, and just remember that you are going through a common experience that millions of people go through every year, and you will get through it.

Try A Flexible Registry

Next, consider using a Flexible Registry like Registry Perfect to solve your issue. A Flexible Registry allows you to add gifts to your registry, but you receive the gifts in the form of cash along with a gift recommendation. That means that you can add a lot of gifts to your registry, have all the variety in the world that your family members want, and then slowly buy the presents over the following months or years.

If you decide, you can choose to not convert some of the gifts on your flexible registry and simply keep the cash instead - your family members will never be notified about it. Read more about how Registry Perfect works here.

Family members love to be thoughtful and give you gifts, even if you do not necessarily need a lot of new items. Flexible Registries means everyone can win - your family members can still be thoughtful but you are not forced to receive an item unless you really need it.

Add Some High Quality Items You Want But Would Never Buy For Yourself

Your registry is your registry. What are some things you have dreamed of having, but have never been able to justify purchasing? Those are great items to add. On Registry Perfect, for example, you can add any individual item from any website using our individual item uploader, allowing you to shoot for the stars and really add your dream stuff to your wedding registry.

You can also use this as an opportunity to browse around and shop. Why not visit Bloomingdales with a scanner gun and scan some things that look awesome? Many registries, including Registry Perfect, allow you to import items from other stores into a single unified registry, so go do some fun shopping, discover things you like and then combine those items into your registry on Registry Perfect!

Accept Your Fate

At Registry Perfect, we hear from many, many couples in your exact position. They do not really want to add a bunch of items to their registry, or maybe they do not even want a registry at all. But unfortunately, they are getting pressure from family and friends to do exactly that, and they are unsure what to do.

From what we have seen, they almost always spend more time and effort than they should trying to fight this. Weddings are an enormous undertaking, and you have enough on your plate - you should not also have to worry about fending off friends and family requests for a registry.

In fact, going through this exact situation is a big part of the reason we invented Registry Perfect. With Registry Perfect, you can set up a Flexible Registry that gives you peace of mind and flexibility and get back to thinking about other parts of your wedding. But we promise, it is hard, almost impossible, to change family expectations. We recommend that you stop fighting it.

Be Careful Of Retailers

There is another thing that we have noticed at Registry Perfect - which is that the retailers do not always have the best interest of newlyweds at heart. In fact, they will often try to take advantage of newlyweds to sell more items, or lock newlyweds into store credit.

In fact, on one wedding registry website, Zola, has even been accused of marking up their items egregiously, and another, TheKnot, very recently got in trouble for adding gift cards to users' registries without their permission.

The truth is that most retailers make a lot of money from registries, and they aim to take advantage of newlyweds by locking them into store credit or jacking up prices. That is why we started Registry Perfect. Hopefully, our Flexible Registry can help you solve your problem!