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7 Eye-Opening Ways To Return Wedding Gifts For Cash

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

7 Eye-Opening Ways To Return Wedding Gifts For Cash

Many couples today face a wedding gift dilemma - your friends and family are thoughtful and they want to get you presents, but you live a flexible lifestyle and you do not need presents at this point in time. You are wondering, is there any way you can return wedding presents for cash?

The founders of Registry Perfect faced this exact issue, which is why we started the platform. Read on to figure out what you can do to solve your problem.

1. Unfortunately, Retailers No Longer Allow You To Return Wedding Presents And Receive Cash

Retailers used to be more customer friendly, and if a newlywed got a present that was not applicable to their lifestyle or they did not need, then the retailer would allow them to return that present for cash. Unfortunately, those days are gone.

Retailers no longer allow newlyweds to return wedding presents for cash. Both the online retailers such as Zola and TheKnot and also the more traditional retailers like Bloomingdales will only give you store credit if you return a wedding present. But, do not worry - Registry Perfect has created the solution for you!

2. Registry Perfect Allows You To Avoid This Problem And Get Cash Directly

What exactly is Registry Perfect and how does it solve this problem?

Registry Perfect is a new type of registry called a Flexible Registry. On Registry Perfect, when someone purchases a gift for you, you receive a gift recommendation as well as the cash to purchase the present directly. Then, we provide a link for you to purchase the gift whenever you want to. Most importantly, if you decide to not follow through on the recommendation and return the gift, you get cash instead of being locked into store credit.

Before you actually receive the gift, you can instead choose to receive the cash that would have gone to the retailer to purchase the gift. This is how Registry Perfect solves the problem of allowing you to return wedding gifts for cash.

3. Will Gift Buyers Know Their Present Gets Returned?

No. On Registry Perfect, gift buyers will never be notified if you end up deciding to return the gift and receive cash. So feel free to make the choice that most aligns with your needs - follow through on the gift recommendation if you would like to, or return the gift to get cash, it is totally your choice.

4. Make Sure To Include A Cash Fund As Well

Registry Perfect allows you to set up cash funds, so that gift buyers can contribute directly. Make sure to include one of those, and let your guests know that you want them to contribute directly to the cash fund! That way there is something for everyone. The guests who want to give you a present can gift you a flexible present, and the guests who want to give you cash can easily do so.

5. Why Not Just Have A Cash Fund And No Presents?

Simply put, gift buyers find it much more thoughtful to give a recommendation along with a present. In fact, many buyers do not want to contribute to a cash fund at all, and would much rather purchase a gift. So why not let them?

The Registry Perfect registry allows guests to give you a thoughtful recommendation if they want to, but it gives the newlyweds the power to not get stuck with store credit if they decide to return the gift. Unfortunately, there is a lot of peer pressure that comes with planning a wedding, and you will more than likely have to include at least some presents - so make sure to use Registry Perfect so you can return them for cash if you want to.

6. Are Gift Buyers Informed How Registry Perfect Works?

Yes, the Registry Perfect checkout page is clear that buyers are purchasing a gift recommendation and that a physical present will not get mailed via text that says ‘how it works’. Gift buyers on your registry will not be deceived. Registry Perfect is useful for taking the hassle out of gift returns by empowering newlyweds to automatically receive cash if they return a present, but it is also useful for thoughtful gift giving from friends and family.

7. What Should I Tell People To Explain Registry Perfect?

If anyone asks, you should send them this article. Registry Perfect is all about freeing couples from store credit. More than 50% of gifts on registries end up getting returned, and couples end up stuck with useless store credit. Registry Perfect solves this problem while maintaining the lovely gift giving culture that exists around weddings. That is what people need to know!