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We Cannot Outspend Zola On Ads. We Need Your Help To Evangelize Registry Perfect!

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

Registry Perfect Passes On The Value To Customers, Unlike All Other Retailers

Registry Perfect is all about returning value to customers. Our competitors most certainly are not about that - in fact, Zola takes up to 40% of purchases on items purchased in its registry(!). They then plow all of that money back into advertising, ensuring that customers who would be better served by Registry Perfect end up getting screwed over.

Because our competitors take such fat margins, and we pass on those fat margins to customers, we can’t outspend our competitors on ads. That means we need your help getting the word out about our product.

Fortunately we have one of the best referral programs imaginable!

Refer A Friend And Get Up To $100

Our referral program is incredibly generous. When you refer a friend, you get a significant amount of the revenue that Registry Perfect earns when that friend uses our product.

Sign up for our referral program here

$100 is an estimate - the actual amount of money you will receive depends on how much money is spend on a registry.

Friends Do Not Let Friends Get Locked Into Store Credit

At Registry Perfect, we strongly believe that friends need to look out for each other.

We started this company because we had many friends who ended up with useless store credit after their weddings happened.

We realized that the registry system is fundamentally broken and that retailers actually want you to end up with store credit.

Registry Perfect Is The Solution

Registry Perfect is the way to take back control of your wedding registry process and end up with things you love and can actually use, instead of store credit.

Remember - the retailers do not want you and your friends to find out about Registry Perfect, because they want to keep you trapped in a bad system.

We need your help to reconfigure the registry system to work for newlyweds and their guests instead of only working for retailers!