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Wedding Registry Gift Credit Card Points? Unreal! Justifiably Amazing!

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

No Retailer Will Give You Credit Card Points For Your Registry

Weddings are an amazing time. But if you are a relentless credit card point optimizer, you know that the hustle never stops, even during a special time like a wedding. So, how can you get credit card points for your wedding registry?

Well, we have done our research, and unfortunately, we know that no retailer is going to give you credit card points for your wedding registry. It simply is not how they operate and it does not work with their business models.

We built Registry Perfect to be a solution to the problem. Read on to discover how getting credit card points for your registry gifts is possible with Registry Perfect

Registry Perfect Gets You Funds Along With A Gift Recommendation So You Can Earn Points

Registry Perfect is the first Flexible Registry. This means that instead of getting wedding registry presents shipped directly to your house, as would happen with other wedding registries, gift givers directly give you the cash to purchase a gift along with a gift recommendation.

This means that you can use the funds gifted to purchase the gifts on your registry with your own credit card, thus earning the rewards you wouldn’t otherwise get. You can use whatever card you like!

Optimize For Your Favorite Card

Do you love earning travel rewards? Registry Perfect can help!
Do you love earning cash back? Registry Perfect can help!
Do you love getting status with your favorite card company? Registry Perfect can help!

Rather than locking you into one vendor or one system, we give you ultimate flexibility. Read how it works here.

What Is The Catch?

There is no catch. Registry Perfect is built by a team of people who experienced how terrible wedding registries are, and came to realize that the entire industry has been captured by retailers who aim to lock newlyweds into store credit and get them a lot of presents they do not need.

As a credit card points optimizer, you are definitely familiar with the scummy tactics some companies use to fool consumers. Well, the wedding registry retailers are the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to scummy tactics.

We Also Have A Referral Program

Since you are an optimizer, it is likely that you know other optimizers. At Registry Perfect, we will pay you a significant amount of the revenue we earn from each new customer you sign up.

Since you have read this far and discovered the beauty that is a Flexible Registry, you probably want to tell your friends about it (who likely also love to optimize).

It is quick and painless to get a referral link, you can do it simply by clicking here.