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Managing A Beautiful Wedding Registry With A Small Apartment!

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Patrick McLaren
Patrick McLaren

It is a disappointing reality that millennials are paying more for rent than ever before, and it just feels like we are also getting less and less per dollar spent. In fact, the average rent in Manhattan just hit an astounding $5,588 per month.

As people deal with small apartments, more and more of them face the wedding registry dilemma - what to do when you have a small apartment, but you feel compelled to put a lot of items on your wedding registry?

Here are some tips on how to manage a wedding registry when you have a small apartment.

Use A Cash Fund

It is totally ok to be straightforward with your friends and family that you do not need a lot of items, and tell them that you would prefer cash instead. It is becoming increasingly common for couples to register with a cash fund. It helps a lot if you tell people what you are planning to do with your money - for example, you could label your cash fund ‘Cash for Honeymoon!’ to give people something to connect with. Registry Perfect allows you to set up a cash fund which people can easily contribute to.

Use A Flexible Registry

A Flexible Registry is a great potential solution for you if you have a tiny apartment. A Flexible Registry, like Registry Perfect, allows you to add gift items to your registry but then receive them in the form of a gift recommendation along with the cash to purchase the gift. This means you can purchase the items on your registry whenever you want - with a Flexible Registry, you could wait months or years until you have moved into a bigger apartment and then purchase the items that you registered for. You can read more about how it works here.

Flexible Registries are a perfect way to let your guests thoughtfully give gifts while maintaining the flexibility you need and not being overwhelmed by boxes in your apartment.

Register For Group Gifting To Get One Big Item

Maybe you do not have a ton of space, but there is one large high quality item you have had your eyes on for a while. It could be a super expensive fridge, for example, or maybe a really nice stove.

Putting one large item on your registry is a great way to create a registry that people can contribute to when you do not have a lot of space to accommodate gifts.

Registry Perfect does not support group gifting yet (we will soon!), but there are many registries that do, including Zola and MyRegistry.

Just be careful - with those other registries, if you do not get enough contributions to fully purchase the item that you made a group gift, then you will end up with store credit instead of cash!

Unfortunately, many retailers and registries do not want you to get cash and will try to force you to get store credit. Registry Perfect is the best way to get cash for your registry presents and ensure you never end up with store credit.