Guests Buy Gifts - You Get Cash
Choose when, where and how you get your registry gifts and get cash if you return them
The registry where you get cash - not useless store credit - for returned items
How It Works
The Modern Flexible Registry
100% Free - No Credit Card Required Ever
1) Build Your Registry and Share It
Import your external registries from all major retailers, or use our Item Browser to automatically add from thousands of items
You can import your registry or add items from Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, West Elm, and more! Get your registry set up in as little as 30 seconds.
2) Guests Buy Gifts - You Get Cash
Buyers checkout on your registry with their preferred payment method, including Apple Pay and Credit Cards
When a gift is purchased, 100% of the price of the item that the buyer paid goes to your cash balance. This way, you get cash and a gift recommendation!
3) You Decide To Get The Gift Or Keep The Cash
You can take the cash and use it to buy your present - or return the gift before you get it and get cash instead of useless store credit
This way, you are in charge and can get your presents on your own terms. You can wait and get your presents in a year if you want - it's up to you!
You can choose when and how you get items - and get cash for items you don't want instead of store credit!
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100% Free to Use - No Credit Card Required
Hear From Delighted Customers:
We LOVED using Registry Perfect for our wedding. It was seriously everything we could want!!!
- Saahith and Abby, Santa Barbara
We were looking for something like this product forever. It was a game changer. Can’t recommend enough!
- Jane and Kosta, New Jersey
This product saved our lives. We couldn’t get by without it. Use it use it!! We NEEDED this! Absolute must have!
- Josh and Sydney, Philadelphia
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Refer a friend, get $100*
Refer a friend, and get a portion of all of their lifetime proceeds.
Estimated at $100+ per user. You can refer as many as you want!
Just drop a referral link to click - it’s that easy!
*this is an estimate - actual proceeds may differ
View Demo Registries
Our registries are gorgeous, simple, and incredibly easy to use
The Wedding Registry of John and Norah Carmichael
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Josh and Carla's Wedding Registry June 2024 💐
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Hannah and Jeffery's Big Day 2023 💕
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Every Other Registry Provider is Designed to Lock You in to Store Credit - We Are Built to Fix This
We started Registry Perfect when we saw our friends getting married, and realized that all existing registry providers are built for one reason - to lock you in to store credit!
Store credit just means free money for them, since most of the time it goes unused.
We set out to fix this broken industry and give you the flexibility you deserve. Don't let yourself get locked into to useless store credit!
Use Our Item Browser to add items from the world’s best retailers in only one click
We curate the world’s most popular registry items and bring them on to our site so that you can add them to your registry in one click.
Browse thousands of items from West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and more!
With our item browser you can have your flexible registry finished in 30 seconds!
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Integrates Seamlessly with Your Wedding Website Provider
No matter who you're using to host your wedding website, we have your back. We integrate seamlessly with all major wedding website providers and make it incredibly easy to share your registry.
Use Cases
Wedding Registries
For your special day - you can’t go wrong with Registry Perfect.
Baby Shower Registries
When you have a newborn on the way and can’t handle the extra stress of returning boatloads of presents for store credit, Registry Perfect is there to help.
Housewarming Registries
Moving houses, and need flexibility around the gifts you will receive? Registry Perfect is for you!
Birthday Gift Registries
Flexibility is a game changer for your birthday!
Holiday Registries - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more
Any holiday centered around gift giving is a perfect time to use Registry Perfect.
Any Other Registry
Need a registry for anything else? Registry Perfect is still the way to go!
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100% Free to Use - No Credit Card Required
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