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Integrating with Zola
Linking to Your Registry Perfect Registry from your Zola Wedding Website
Zola is a popular free tool to host your wedding website. They make linking external registries a little tricky, however.
Registry Perfect is fully compatible with Zola. Here is a guide to using Registry Perfect as your registry if you are using Zola for your wedding website.
🔔 There is also a handy video guide published by another company here:
Video Guide ->
1) Login to your Account on Zola.
2) Click on 'Your Wedding' on the side tab bar.
3) Click 'Continue Editing' under 'Wedding'
4) Click on the side tab called 'Edit Content'
5) Select 'Registry' from the side tab
6) Scroll down to the registries box and select 'Add Another Registry'.
7) Now, go back to Registry Perfect and copy your Registry Perfect registry link:
You can copy directly from the 'All Registries' page, from the 'Manage Registry' page, or right after you have just published your registry.
6) Now, with your link copied, go back to Zola, and name your registry 'Registry Perfect' and add in your link.
7) Hit save on Zola and Zola will add Registry Perfect to their site! Your registry is added. 😎
🚨 Note - We Strongly Recommend Against Linking to Multiple Registries from Zola or using any of Zola's preset options
If Zola’s pre-set registries are added it creates a more confusing experience for your guests. See what happens when Bloomingdale’s is added to the registry: a third link appears and gifts are populated below. This will inevitably confuse guests.
This will lead to guest confusion and may mean you don't get flexibility on your gift purchases!
To get the most out of Registry Perfect, it is our recommendation to only add Registry Perfect as a linked registry on Zola. Gather all of your registries into Registry Perfect instead!
After this, you're good to go! Make sure you request that your guests buy from Registry Perfect, and you will get flexibility. Cheers!
Then, you're good to go! Make sure you request that your guests buy from Registry Perfect, and you will get the flexibility that you crave. Cheers!